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Marketing Collateral - CL23 HPC Data Sheet | Legrand United Kingdom


HPC ProActive Rear Door Cooler

CL23 HPC ProActive Rear Door Cooler

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers are established as highly efficient cooling systems for use on data center/server racks. Designed to operate on a closed loop water circuit, ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance by removing heat generated by the active equipment directly at source.

Designed to meet the challenging demands of HighPerformance Compute (HPC) cooling, USystems with its unique RDC has positioned itself alongside water to the chip and immersion cooling technologies, the CL23 HPC which is capable of an unrivalled 200kW of sensible cooling per industry standard rack.

Unlike other high performing cooling technologies, the RDC requires no specialist infrastructure in the data center, no specialist servers, is fitted to standard IT racks, has retrofit capability, only occupies a small footprint, is easy to install and simple to roll out the CL23 HPC is unquestionably cost effective on all levels.

The CL23 HPC by design is capable of controlling the whole room environment without any additional cooling apparatus, unlike equivalent technologies. In addition, this ColdLogik Solution offers significant capital expenditure savings and with an EER in excess of 100 at maximum duty the CL23 HPC provides a better operational expenditure too.


Performance Examples

Performance examples—these three examples are showing the same RDC but with differing duties attainable when regulating or changing the water temperature. Other performance duties are attainable when calculating bespoke project specific requirements.

Maximum Duty

Maximum Duty

Our highest duties offer unrivalled High Performance Cooling (HPC) based on an Industry Standard 14/20°C (57.2/68°F) water supply/return from mechanically cooled external plant, and has the ability to offer exceptional cooling capacities of over 200kW per rack.

Nominal Duty

Nominal Duty

This is a more general, workable duty with 20°C/68°F water inlet and covers most requirements in Europe while also maintaining a room temperature of 22.5°C/72.5°F. Operating with wide water ∆T also allows for lower power draw of the mechanically cooled external plant, reducing CapEx and OpEx costs while delivering leading cooling capacities up to 177kW per rack.

Efficient Duty

Efficient Duty

Taking advantage of room temperatures of 26°C/78.8°F allows the use of higher water temperatures, therefore reducing the necessity of mechanical cooling and allows for most or all-day free cooling. This will provide customers with higher efficiency cooling and lower running costs thus beginning to obtain a return on their investment while maximising real estate. The loss in cooling capacity in comparison to the nominal performances is negligible.

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