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Understanding cooling and
the importance of selecting the
right solution for your data center

The definition of cooling is very straightforward: cooling is the removal of heat. When we talk about data center cooling, we mean transporting heat generated by IT equipment to the ambient air to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels for equipment within a data center facility. The complex challenge is how to achieve this.

Energy cannot disappear; all the IT equipment of a data center will eventually generate heat, meaning that one server receiving 1kW of power input will equal 1 kW of heat generated at some point. Removing this excess heat is critical to ensure IT devices and equipment operate at peak performance and efficiency. Choosing the right cooling solution for your data center environment can improve efficiency and performance, dramatically impacting cost savings and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The challenge data center managers face is how to select the right solution for their specific cooling requirements. Legrand provides market-leading cooling solutions and support through its specialist brands to ensure that all facilities can find the right solution to meet their individual needs.

Row-Based Cooling

Row-Based Cooling


Row-based coolers increase the cooling capacity of your containment solutions, enabling a higher heat density per cabinet.

Rear Door Cooling

Rear Door Cooling


Rear door cooling is the preferred technology for the most demanding applications with high heat densities, recommended for High Performance Computing [HPC] solutions.


Cooling solutions
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Direct Expansion - Row-based cooling
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Chilled Water - Row-Based Cooling
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