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Cable Management

Cablofil Wire Mesh
Cable Tray

If you require a high-quality, reliable cable management solution for your data center, look no further than the Cablofil wire mesh cable tray. This innovative product offers data center professionals a wide range of benefits, including easy installation, maximum cable capacity, and improved airflow. Its durable and corrosion-resistant design ensures it can withstand demanding data center environments, with customizable options that allow you to create a solution that meets the specific needs of your facility. Whether you're looking to install a new cable management system or upgrade your existing one, the Cablofil wire mesh cable tray is a perfect choice.

Safe for cables and installers

Safe for cables and installers

Our unique Safe-T-Edge design involves “T” welding the lateral wires to the bottom edge of the top wires, eliminating sharp edges and creating a smooth cable pathway safe for cables and installers, which is most important when adding or changing cables in your cable pathway.

Rapid order and connection

Speed & simplicity

Due to their flexibility, wiremesh cable tray accessories can be fabricated onsite, eliminating downtime waiting for additional components. If you require extra tray lengths, they can be ordered from distributors for quick delivery. The benefit is fast access to items in stock versus waiting for made-to-order components.

  • Fixings without hardware on brackets and profiles
  • Secure by bending the fastening tab
Fiber friendly

Fiber friendly  

Legrand's Cablofil product range offers specific-use dropouts for fiber optic and copper cabling. All dropouts are designed explicitly for Cablofil trays and are easy to attach in thru-tray or over-the-side options.

Reduces electromagnetic disturbances

Reduces electromagnetic disturbances

Independent laboratory testing has shown Legrand's Cablofil products significantly reduce electromagnetic interference when installed and earthed correctly. The tray's steel structure absorbs EMI and keeps disturbance away from the cables, having a minimal impact on connected devices.

Durable surface treatment

Durable surface treatment

In the data center environment, where temperature and hygrometry are controlled, and pollution is non-existent, Legrand recommends an electro-galvanised finish (as do manufacturers of servers, switches, or electronics who use this process for their chassis and covers). In contrast to electrostatic risks, the threat of zinc whiskers is considered negligible.

Certified products

Certified products

Cablofil is the most tested and certified cable tray in the market and the most specified cable tray in the world.

Our wire mesh tray is constructed of precision-engineered, high-quality, welded steel wire and is the result of decades of research gained from installing 200,000 km of trays across the globe.

Cable management projects require expertise, let's discuss yours with our team.


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