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Structured Cabling

Meet-Me-Room Challenges

Data centers are needed to keep up with the increasing demand for computing capacity, and fiber connectivity is crucial. A Meet-Me Room (MMR) is a secure location where customers can connect to carriers or other customer cages within a campus. The MMR contains cabinets and racks with carriers' hardware for fast and reliable data transfer. The MMR physically connects hundreds of companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) within the same facility, enabling internet exchanges - this eliminates the round-trip traffic and keeps data on-site, making data exchange more secure and cost-effective. All colocation data centers have an MMR, and being carrier-neutral allows tenants to choose from a wide selection of network providers for flexibility, redundancy, and optimized connections.

The Legrand LCS3 Meet-Me Room portfolio offers a fully scalable solution that seamlessly responds to both the high fiber numbers used in this type of environment and the high quality and reliability requirements that comes with it.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Various mounting options are available, depending on the installation type (wall, uprights, etc.). All components can be easily assembled and disassembled thanks to adjustable uprights and stubs.

Easily accessible

Easily accessible

The ODF patch panels are equipped with a slide-forward function, which makes the patch surface easily accessible so that moves, adds, and changes are easy to perform.

Optimized and simplified patching

Optimized and simplified patching

The Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with optimized patch management is specially designed for high-density applications.

Reduced latency

High-bandwidth, direct connection decreases the number of network hops to a minimum. By eliminating network hops, latency is substantially reduced.

Reduced costs

By connecting directly through a Meet-Me Room, carriers bypass local loop charges. With many carriers in one place, customers may find more competitive rates.

Quick expansion

MMRs are an excellent method to provide more fiber connection options for tenants. Carrier-neutral data centers can bring more carriers and expand their offering.

Share your meet-me room challenges with us, and let's find solutions together.


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