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Secure NIAP 3.0 Compliant KVM Desktop Access to Computers at Multiple Classification Levels

Raritan Secure Switches (RSS) offer a proven desktop access solution for guarding against cyber intrusion for government and military agencies. The RSS is lab tested and certified to meet the requirements of the latest NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 3.0. There are four available models, two port and four port, with and without Common Access Card (CAC) authentication. These models support a single DVI/USB user console with optional audio from the connected computer. The Raritan Secure Switches support both analog (VGA) and digital video (DVI, HDMI) formats such as 4K Ultra HD, high definition, and standard resolutions. The NIAP Version 3.0 Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing (KVM) Switches defines the latest requirements for use of Secure Desktop KVM Switches. These switches allow a user to safely switch between computer systems at different classifications. The new 3.0 Protection Profile (PP 3.0) replaces the previous EAL and Common Criteria regulations with stricter requirements.

Lab Tested

Lab Tested for the NIAP Version 3.0

Certified to meet all the requirements of the 3.0 Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switches, which defines strict and comprehensive protections for secure desktop access of systems at multiple classification levels along with the safe use of shared peripherals.

 Logical Security Defenses

Multi-level Physical and Logical Security Defenses

The RSS meets the 3.0 Protection Profile by strict isolation between computers at different classification levels, tamper resistant operation, firmware locked down to prevent unauthorized modification, and automatically clearing keyboard data.

Analog and Digital Video

Supports Both Analog and Digital Video

Supports VGA, DVI and HDMI video formats, including 1080P, single and dual-link DVI and 4K Ultra HD.

Secure USB Device

Secure USB Device Control

The RSS only connects authorized USB peripherals, without sharing or transferring data.

Remote Access

Additional Features

Common Access Card (CAC)

Two and four port RSS models available for secure CAC authentication

Tamper Resistant Features

Multiple software and hardware protections against tampering to ensure the integrity of the switch

Internal Power Supply

Built-in, auto-switching power supply

Chassis Intrusion Detection

If the chassis cover is compromised, the unit becomes inoperable and the LEDs flash

Fixed Secure Firmware

Firmware cannot be reprogrammed to prevent attempts to alter the logic of the switch

Automatically Clears Data

For added security, keyboard data is automatically cleared to prevent sharing

Remote Access

More Information

Secure KVM Desktop Access to Computers at Multiple Classification Levels

Remote Access

Secure KVM Desktop Access to Computers at Multiple Classification Levels

Remote Access

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