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Power Management

Intelligent Rack Power Solutions

Unlock the potential of intelligent rack power management with our comprehensive range of solutions. We offer a wide array of innovative products that provide real-time insights into power consumption, optimize energy efficiency, and enhance overall rack performance.

Explore our range of intelligent rack power solutions and revolutionize your data center infrastructure.

Inline Meters

PX Inline Meters

Efficiently collect vital data from your rack PDUs with our power management solution. Raritan's PX-3000 Series Inline Meters seamlessly integrate power, energy, and rack environment data collection capabilities into standalone IT equipment and basic rack PDUs. Enhance efficiency and gain valuable insights with our advanced inline meters for effective power management.

Transfer Switch

Transfer Switches

Upgrade your power infrastructure with Raritan's hybrid rack transfer switches, delivering superior performance and reliability. These advanced switches seamlessly transfer loads between two sources, surpassing standard ATS while offering a more affordable alternative to STS. Experience enhanced reliability and cost-effective operation with Raritan's hybrid rack transfer switches.


Branch Circuit Monitor

Discover Raritan's intelligent Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) system, providing real-time and historical views of electrical capacity and power usage. Gain comprehensive visibility at the panelboard, floor PDU, RPP, or overhead busway. Whether integrating into existing infrastructure or installing during new construction, make informed decisions to optimize efficiency with Raritan's BCM system.


PXO Compact Power Distribution

The PXO-line of compact, intelligent PDUs offers remote visibility and control for locations inaccessible to IT personnel, with its slim and space-saving chassis design making it suitable for various applications, including powering IT and audiovisual systems.

Contact us for expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your power distribution needs.


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Branch Circuit Monitoring System
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