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Power Distribution Systems Made Simple

Starline is a world leader in the development of customizable power distribution systems. For over 30 years, Starline products have provided data centers with the most flexible, reliable, and customizable power distribution systems on the market.

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Customizable Power



High Power Busbar

High Power Busbar

Starline's Xtra-compact (XCP) busbar is the ideal busbar trunking system for power transportation and distribution in data centers. The 630-to-6300-amp high power busbars feature a smart, ultra-compact design that offers protection levels up to IP65. The XCP product line offers outstanding performance, flexibility, and security for the most demanding critical power applications.

Track Busway

This revolutionary overhead power distribution system is available in various sizes ranging from 40 to 1250 amps. Its most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, allowing you to tap power anywhere. This is the ideal solution for environments requiring flexibility to change layouts or expand.
Critical Power Monitor

Critical Power Monitor

The Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) provides real-time voltage, current, and power data so you can make informed decisions. Starline CPM can be used as part of the Starline Track Busway system or as a stand-alone solution, supporting various communication options for seamless integration with BMS and DCIM packages.

Customer Cases


Data Center Services

Customer Cases

Customer cases are the ultimate proof of our product's effectiveness, turning satisfied clients into our best advocates. These success stories not only inspire trust but also reveal the transformative power of our offerings, making them the driving force behind our business growth.

Discover our Customer Cases

Tuscany Cloud System, Case Study

In the world of digital transformation, the Tuscany Cloud System is revolutionizing Italy's digital landscape. Legrand's solutions ensured high availability, resilience, and energy efficiency, surpassing expectations and empowering businesses and citizens alike. The data center has become the heart of daily operations, driving innovation and guaranteeing uninterrupted service.


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