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Scalable UPS

Current data forecasts predict that by 2050 we will have 50,000–500,000 Zettabytes, which is 1,000–10,000 times bigger than today (forecast by exponential continuation). This rapid growth in data usage has significantly increased the demand on data center managers' power resources resulting in the need for infrastructure that will provide the highest levels of reliability and resilience to meet these growing power requirements and ensure continuous uptime.

Modular Scalable High-Power UPS architecture provides the answer to this demand by combining the flexibility of high-power Scalable UPS with the resilience and serviceability of the Modular UPS. Connecting more of these scalable modular systems in parallel provides the highest reliability and availability. In addition, their high-efficiency levels contribute to improving the sustainability of data centers.



a high-power UPS built on hot-scalable 333 kVA modules, reaching up to 2.67 MVA in a single unit, and paralleling up to 21 MVA. Ideal for data centers and critical IT applications, UPSaver ensures unmatched reliability and availability. Its flexible design adapts to evolving data center demands, while state-of-the-art components make it compact, efficient, and fully adaptable for ultimate power protection.


Keor XPE

the ultimate Scalable UPS System featuring 250 kVA or 300 kVA power units, extendable up to 2.1 MVA nominal power. With On-line Double Conversion, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch design, Keor XPE is the ideal solution for data centers and critical applications.

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