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With a growing industry that demands green data centers and therefore an optimized energy consumption, cooling plays a key role to ensure that data centers can perform at their best, while constraining the energy demands of these devices. Minkels provides a leading portfolio of active cooling solutions suitable for all requirements.

Active cooling is close to the heat source, shortening the airflow path, decreasing the fan units’ power consumption, and providing a fast and dynamic response by the coolers to changing heat densities.

The Nexpand row-based active cooling units are placed next to the cabinets and can handle heat loads ranging from 10kW to 60kW. Our row-based coolers are fitted in the Nexpand frame for a seamless integration in the containment. Achieving maximum airtightness and compatibility with most Nexpand accessories.

Nexpand DX

Direct Expansion cooling solution

A direct expansion (DX) cooling solution is a refrigeration system that cools air by direct expansion of a refrigerant.  

Nexpand DX solutions prove to be more energy efficient when the heat load of the containment is below 100kW. This means that DX deployments are to be expected in small or medium size containment solutions where the heat densities per rack are not too high, commonly around 5kW per rack. 

Nexpand CW

Chilled Water cooling solutions

Chilled water (CW) cooling solutions rely on a central chiller to circulate chilled water through a heat exchanger. The chilled water will absorb heat from the warm air via the heat exchanger to cool down the ambient air. 

CW solutions offer higher cooling capacities to face the most demanding applications, these prove to be more energy efficient when the heat load of the containment goes beyond 100kW. Applications such as high performance computing, artificial intelligence, gaming or crypto mining are commonly demanding this need. 


Aisle Containment with
row-based active cooling

Aisle containment

  • A perfect integration of passive cooling technology (doors, roof and airflow management packages) and active coolers; 
  • Nexpand is the best in class airflow management to improve airflow paths, to prevent hotspots
  • Supports both hot and cold containment configurations;
  • Room independent solution. No raised floor or false ceiling required;
  • Often a more flexible and scalable solution, as the data center’s needs change or grow. 
Open Loop Configuration

Open Loop Configuration

Hot/cold containment, the airflows go through perforated doors into aisle and room.

Icon cabinet

Micro Data Center

Inrow Closed Loop

A integrated IT infrastructure solution (standalone cabinets) designed to provide datacenter functionality at a scale suitable for edge computing or specific tasks. The perfect solution to bring data and application processing closer to users. 

  • Refrigeration provided by row-based coolers;
  • Heat density per cabinet shall be < 5kW;
  • Room independent solution. No raised floor or false ceiling required;
  • Suitable for small deployments of one to four cabinets with one or two coolers. Commonly seen in SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises);
 Closed loop

Closed loop configuration

The hot and cold air is contained within the cabinets using glass and/or blind doors.


Cooling solutions
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