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Three Phase Rack PDUs | Legrand United Kingdom


High Power PDU

Create More Data Center Power Capacity

The average power consumption per server has rapidly increased with the adoption of high-power computing IT devices. The average apparent power to a server rack has increased from 2 kilowatts to 12 kilowatts, and enterprise facilities are continuing to consolidate hardware, virtualize applications, and migrate to much higher density racks of 20 to 35kW. To support new, power-hungry IT equipment, managers must deliver more data center power capacity to the IT equipment rack, which is why we’re seeing more and more three-phase rack PDUs being deployed.

Power Requirements

Higher Capacity and Higher Density


The growing trend of high-density applications including 1U servers, network switches, blade servers, and network storage devices has created a need for higher powered racks.

Three-phase high density rack PDUs can increase energy savings and capacity. Raritan provides the industry’s widest range of designs above 10kW, including Intelligent PDUs rated up to 55kW. This allows enough headroom for the future’s most demanding compute densities.

Power Capacity is Available

The Importance of Phase Balancing


Load balancing is a procedure to evenly distribute the rack equipment’s current draw among the PDU’s branch circuits so more total current can be supplied with the greatest headroom in each branch circuit. This can rarely be executed perfectly, however, maintaining the power load on each phase to be within 10% of each other is a good practice. Three-phase intelligent PDUs can report on differences between phases and send alerts when the differences exceed a predetermined percentage.

Future Growth

Maximize Your Power Efficiency


With 400V three-phase high power PDUs delivering 55kW per rack, it enables the ability to run higher voltages at lower currents. This results in the use of smaller cables, less copper and weight, creating a smaller footprint.



Raritan intelligent PDUs are the starting point when it comes to power capacity planning and management. Innovative features provide the power usage data needed to make smarter and more informed decisions when it comes to consolidating and future rack growth. If you are interested in learning more about other problem-solving capacities of an intelligent PDU, start exploring below:

Contact us for expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your power distribution needs.


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