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Fiber-to-Ethernet Media Converter | Legrand United Kingdom

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Upgrade your Ethernet to Fiber connectivity for KVM, iPDU, or IPCs

Legrand’s UTP-FIBER1G-USB fiber-to-Ethernet media converter is specifically designed for electrical power substations (IEC 61000-4-5). It provides a high level of interference immunity and extended transmission range (up to 10km) in industrial applications by converting the 1000Mbps Ethernet interface to fiber optics (1000Mbps according to 1000Base-X standard). The small, plug-and-play converter dongle with LC duplex connector driven by USB 3.0 / USB2.0 provides flexibility to upgrade ETHERNET to FIBER OPTICAL in places with no industrial power supply or power over ethernet (PoE) are present. Its RJ45 port (male type) offers an auto crossing function, which means it is not necessary to distinguish between 1:1 and crossover cables.


  • Connectivity for long-distance and interference immunity with high security
  • Control Center, Server Room, Office, Surveillance, Smart Building, Factory, Signaling System, Digital Signage, and Car Parking System
  • Government, Telecommunication, Media, Medical, Security, Education, and Enterprise

Key Features

  • Plug and Play, easy installation without installing a driver
  • Compact, lightweight designed to replace standalone media converters and Ethernet cables
  • Flexible upgrade your Ethernet connectivity to secure fiber network connections
  • High performance with EMI protection
  • Long-distance connectivity up to 10km on single-mode fiber connection and 800m for multi-mode.

Connection Diagram

Fiber to Ethernet media converter connection diagram

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