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Power Management

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Retrofitting or expanding an existing facility? Planning to build a brand new one? With Raritan's branch circuit meter you’ll be able to reduce energy costs, track power usage, and prevent downtime -- in no time! Most branch circuit monitoring (BCM) systems are expensive; hard to install, configure and use. But, Raritan’s latest BCM design will make it easy and affordable to monitor power upstream from IT equipment racks. Get real-time views of electrical capacity and power usage at the panelboard, floor PDU, RPP, or overhead busway. Measure kWh with ISO/IEC +/-0.5% billing-grade accuracy and chargeback customers for energy costs. And receive alerts anytime a current approaches a breaker’s limit.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective, Modular & Scalable System

The new easy-to-install modular system is available as either a branch circuit monitor or busway monitor kit. Because it is modular, it can be scaled as and when needed, making it more cost effective than competitive solutions.

Auto Correcting

Auto Correcting CTs For Fast Installation

Our new BCM system was redesigned with help from leading customers and installers in real-world settings. Auto-correcting split core CTs snap around live circuits - in either direction - without power to equipment racks being cut off.

Real-Time Configurator

Real-Time Configurator for Quick Setup

The BCM system can easily be configured by uploading the panel schedule via a USB stick, thereby eliminating manual input errors. And it integrates with DCIM monitoring and BMS software to consolidate facility power and environmental data.

Most Accurate Metering

Most Accurate Metering in the Market

The BCM leverages the same metering and controller technology in Raritan’s 3rd generation rack PDUs to track power upstream from IT equipment racks. It measures kWh with ISO/IEC +/- 0.5% billing-grade accuracy for accurate customer chargeback reports and energy efficiency initiatives.

Power Management

Additional Features

Better Capacity Planning

Already monitoring equipment racks with iPDUs? Track power in the remaining 20% of infrastructure that isn’t being metered.

For Floor PDUs

Approximately 75% of floor PDUs and RPPs are sold without any metering capabilities. Add metering quickly with our BCM kit.

Modular and Flexible

Mix and match the same modules for busway and panelboard. Monitor mains, branches, or both.

Built-In Redundancy

All modules continue to function as long as one meter remains powered, ensuring continuous metering. It’s one of the most reliable BCM systems on the market.

Lower Cost of Ownership

One controller supports up to 70 power meters. It’s the highest density in the industry, supporting up to 96 branch circuits.

Error-Free Installation

BCM kits come with labeled CT wiring harnesses with keyed connectors. A real-time configurator displays current and phase readings allowing you to confirm the correct installation.

Simplified Wiring

We offer simpler wiring by using multi-conductor cables. Twelve CTs per cable, length options of up to 10m, and optional plenum rated cable.

Multiple Mounting Options

Our BCM kits offer several mounting options, including subfloor, wall mount, IT rack. DIN rail modules for in-panel and NEMA enclosures.

Rich Power Data

Continuously collects data on A, V, kW, kVA, and power factor. Data can be shared with a BMS or DCIM system for more accurate capacity planning.

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Branch Circuit Monitoring System
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Branch Circuit Monitoring: Power Monitoring and Measurement in Production Facilities
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