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ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers

Many data ceters are nowadays focusing on high performance computing applications, when doing so, heat loads per cabinet are expected to dramatically increase compared to the tradional, more contained, loads. This is not only already a challenge for new deployments, but can become an extreme hurldle for existing ones that are shifting towards these applications, while the cooling infrastructure is already in place.

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers enhance the efficiency of most data centers without the need for any changes to their current design.

By negating the heat at source, and removing the need for air mixing or containment, you gain the ability to significantly increase the supply water temperature, which means more efficient external heat rejection options become available. In some scenarios this means that the ColdLogik RDC solution removed all compressor-based cooling therefore promoting the option to free cool all year round.

Active Rear Door Cooler (RDHX)

Active Rear Door Cooler (RDHX)

Ambient air is drawn into the rack via the IT equipment fans. The hot exhaust air is expelled from the equipment and pulled over the heat exchanger assisted by EC fans mounted in the RDC chassis. The exhaust air transfers heat into the coolant within the heat exchanger, and the newly chilled air is expelled into the room at, or just below, the predetermined room ambient temperature designed around sensible cooling.

Both processes are managed by the ColdLogik adaptive intelligence present in every active RDC, in this way the Rear Door Cooler uses air assisted liquid-cooling to control the whole room temperature automatically at its most efficient point



We Challenge the Conventional

CL21 PassiveCL21 Passive

Up to 29kW sensible cooling
42U, 47U and 52U
600w, 750w and 800w


CL20 ActiveCL20 Active

Up to 92kW sensible cooling
42U, 48U and 52U
600w, 750w and 800w


CL23 HPC ActiveCL23 HPC Active

Up to 200kW (actual headroom 220 kW+) sensible cooling
48U and 52U


Legacy Data Centers

Legacy Data Centers

There are many reasons to want to get more from an existing data center, such as increasing revenue stream, removing hot spots, offering customers greater flexibility, or simply increasing the life cycle of the data center; the ColdLogik RDC solution provides exactly that, and is the only truly retrofittable solution capable of achieving and overcoming restrictive issues within legacy data centers

  • ColdLogik RDC’s are fully retrofittable onto any OEM Rack
  • RDC’s can use the return water from the existing perimeter room cooling and chiller system
  •  RDC’s can be top and bottom fed as standard
  • RDC’s do not affect baying racks on either side
  • Full rear access to rack  Can be retrofitted to Hot Aisle Containment System, without need to change floor layout
  • RDC’s are the only retrofittable solution capable of achieving all the restrictive issues within legacy data centers
Energy and Water savings

Energy and Water savings

The ColdLogik RDC solution can dramatically change the efficiencies of data center environments. From year-round free cooling ability, which can cut energy consumption from cooling in the data center by over 90%. Through to higher water temperatures, in a closed loop system, which can save monumental volumes of water that can then be deployed in communities that need the resource more. The ColdLogik cooling system truly encapsulates the next step in site wide efficiency gains.​

Make the Best out of your Real State

Make the Best out of your Real State

Thanks to the space saved in not using containment, CRAC units and related infrastructure, up to a 60% of the space previously reserved for those elements now becomes available again, which can be used for future expansions or used in a different way

Reach out to us for a discussion on your cooling challenges.


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