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Dual Monitor KVM Switch - MCD-DUAL - Raritan | Legrand United Kingdom


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Masterconsole Digital Dual

MasterConsole Digital Dual (MCD-DUAL) is the new dual-head Cat5 KVM switch line in the MCD product family. Raritan’s dual-monitor KVM switch enables a single user to manage and control multiple dual-head devices and support borderless mouse switching. MCD-DUAL can be cascaded with MCD-DUAL KVM switches to manage up to 64 servers at distances up to 150 feet (45 meters). It features the use of standard Category 5/6/6e unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cables for connecting computers. You can also switch ports by mouse movement, hotkeys or on-screen display (OSD). There are two MCD-DUAL models: MCD-104-DUAL and MCD-108-DUAL to manage 4 or 8 dual-head servers or PC’s respectively. The new MasterConsole Digital Dual is ideal for supporting dual-display output, digital video interfaces and audio with borderless mouse port switching.

 Dual-Display Output

Supports Dual-Display Output

Supports multiple dual-head video interfaces via CIM (MDCIM-DVI/HDMI/DP) & UTP VGA cables

Video Resolutions

Video Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200

Supports the highest video resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz and 1920 x 1080 @60Hz.

Manage Multiple Dual-Head

Manage Multiple Dual-Head Servers with Analog or Digital Video Interfaces

Connect to servers up to 100 feet away via DVI/HDMI/DP CIMs or UTP VGA combo cables.

Port Switching

Port Switching by Mouse

Save time and increase productivity by quickly switching channels with the mouse.

Remote Access

Additional Features

Space-Saving Design

All MCD-DUAL units are only 1U in height

Simple Installation

Plug-and-play installation and configuration along with easy-to-use, on-screen displays.

AutoScan and AutoSkip

AutoScan allows users to scan servers at variable rates. AutoSkip bypasses inactive channels.

Remote Access


The new MasterConsole Digital Dual-Display (MCD-DUAL) SMB KVM switches support dual-display output, digital video interfaces and audio with borderless mouse port switching.

MCD Model Information

MCD Models Users Ports Video Connections
MCD-104-DUAL 1 8 2
MCD-108-DUAL 1 16 2
MCD-108 1 8 1
MCD-116 1 16 1
MCD-216 2 16 1
MCD-232 2 32 2

Computer Interface Modules (CIMS)

Models Description
MDCIM-DVI CIM for DVI video output + USB for keyboard and mouse
MDCIM-HDMI CIM for HDMI video output with HDMI Audio + USB for keyboard and mouse
MDCIM-DP CIM for DP video output + USB for keyboard and mouse


Models Description
MDUTP20-VGA 2-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio
MDUTP40-VGA 4-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio
MDUTP60-VGA 6-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio
MDUTP150-VGA 15-meter cable, VGA + USB + Audio

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