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Free Standing Containment

When you are considering deploying a data center, deciding whether to select a rack mounted or free-standing containment should be a key consideration. What are their differences, and why should you choose one over the other?

As a general guideline, free standing containment is a solution that initially requires a bigger investment but will be beneficial in the mid and long term, especially in multiphase projects. Legrand offers future-proof free standing containment solutions that provide the flexibility and modularity to adapt to the growing demands of a modern data center.

Ceiling or ground supported

Ceiling or ground supported

We provide a complete portfolio of free-standing solutions, with ground free standing and ceiling supported free standing solutions available. 
Ground free standing solutions are used traditionally for cold containment, and hanging free standing is ideal for hot containment.  

Accommodates any cabinet

Accommodates any cabinet

Will you have cabinets of different heights in the corridor? Or a mixture of cabinets from different providers? 
A free-standing solution can easily accommodate both of these requirements. The ground and ceiling mounted solutions can integrate multibrand cabinets; if the structure is high enough, you can roll cabinets in below it andeasily seal any gaps. 



Free-standing containment is highly beneficial from an OPEX perspective in multiphase projects. While the initial investment is higher than that of a rack-supported containment, you can install and certify all security and fire safety elements at once. In contrast, a rack mounted solution that expands over time requires this to be redone every time, significantly increasing costs. 

Aisle Containment versus Free-Standing Containment

Free Standing vs Standard Aisle Containment


Nexpand Aisle Containment
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