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Modular UPS

Data center energy requirements are complex, time-sensitive, and highly specific. When choosing UPS architecture, all the needs are evaluated carefully and prioritized. A Modular UPS consists of multiple smaller UPS modules, and the number of UPS modules internally is paralleled to achieve the desired level of redundancy. In modular systems, it is easy to achieve redundancy or increase power by adding one or more modules without the need to connect several UPS in parallel, providing a relatively small power extension without a big investment. Moreover, new generation Modular UPS like Keor MOD permits the installation of several parallel units to reach higher power ranges, providing you agility in both directions to scale-up or down.

Thanks to internal redundancy, a failure of modules will only lead to reduced UPS capacity, not all capacity. In a modular solution, each essential part, including the battery pack, are hot-swappable and can be removed for maintenance or replaced while the system continues to run; MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) is low compared to Monolithic UPS systems.

Keor MOD


Keor MOD, where cutting-edge modular power solutions redefine reliability. Versatility and scalability are at the core of Keor MOD's design with a rated power range spanning 25 to 250kW. Each unit effortlessly connects in parallel, enabling seamless integration of identical or different units to achieve an impressive, combined capacity of up to 600kW.

Trimod HE

Trimod HE

TRIMOD HE's modular architecture offers unmatched flexibility with N+X redundancy. Its individual single-phase modules are redundant, self-configuring, and deliver a rated power from 10 to 80kW.

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