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Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM)

With Raritan’s new Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM), users can manage up to 8 serial devices connected to a Dominion KX III or LX II KVM-over-IP switch. The two and four port DSAM modules provide true, Java-free serial access to devices such as LAN switches, routers and Linux/Unix servers. DSAM’s are perfect for remote and branch offices where both KVM and serial access is needed.

Serial Access for the KX III and LX II

The DSAM modules provide up to eight ports of true serial access from a Dominion KX III or LX II switch. Connect one or two modules to the switch’s USB ports for Java-free serial access. Manage switches, routers, Linux/Unix servers and other serial devices together with KVM-over-IP access to servers, PC’s and workstations.

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High Speed Serial Access

DSAMs provide high-speed serial access, up to 230K baud. Automatic DTE/DCE detection means rollover cables are never required!

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Low Total Cost

Unlike competing solutions, the DSAM provides independent serial access. Valuable KVM ports and IP sessions are not used for serial connections.

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Easy to Deploy

The DSAM is a Zero-U device that does not require rack space. Powered by the KVM switch, external power adapters are not required. No rollover cables!

True Serial Access with Dominion Serial Access Modules (DSAM)

True Serial Access with Dominion Serial Access Modules

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