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Data center uptime is the guaranteed annual availability of a data center, and ensuring uptime is one of the primary business goals of a data center. To adapt to modern business requirements, data centers must achieve unprecedented uptime. Research shows that Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) failures are the leading cause of downtime in data centers worldwide. Undoubtedly, this unpredictable downtime puts a substantial financial burden on data centers. UPS systems are the most critical component of data center backup power for a short period until the generator kicks in. Therefore, selecting the right UPS for your data center needs is essential to increase resilience and secure uptime in your facility.

Scalable UPS

Scalable UPS

A modular scalable high-power UPS system is an ideal choice for large data centers requiring high power protection and redundancy levels. These data centers typically have high power requirements and complex power distribution systems, making it crucial to have a flexible and scalable power protection solution that can adapt to their changing needs over time.

Modular UPS

Modular UPS

A modular UPS system offers flexibility in terms of capacity, redundancy, and runtime, making it suitable for medium-sized data center installations.


Conventional UPS

Conventional UPS is an excellent choice for on-premises data centers that require a high-quality, reliable power supply. Its compact design, advanced features, and ability to handle high power loads make it an economical, fast, and easy solution for powering critical infrastructure.

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Sustainable UPS: "Turn it green!"

Legrand is committed to increasing the sustainability of its UPS solutions and reducing the environmental impact throughout each phase of the product's lifecycle, from the design, manufacturing, distribution, installation, and use to the end-of-life disposal.

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