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Power Accessories

Power Accessories

Enhance your power distribution with our comprehensive range of power accessories. From PDU mounting brackets to securelock cables and sensors, we offer smart solutions to optimize and secure your data center's power infrastructure. Explore our power accessory offerings to ensure seamless and reliable operations for your critical systems.



Discover our advanced sensor solutions designed to provide real-time monitoring and critical data insights for your data center. With a wide range of sensors, you can ensure optimal environmental conditions, proactively detect issues, and enhance overall efficiency and performance.

Mounting brackets

Mounting Brackets

Explore our sturdy and reliable PDU mounting brackets, designed to securely and efficiently mount power distribution units in your data center. With easy installation and robust construction, our brackets provide a stable foundation for your PDUs, ensuring seamless power distribution management.

Secure lock

Securelock Power Cords

Discover our Securelock power cords, the perfect solution to prevent accidental disconnections of power distribution units (PDUs) in your data center. With their innovative design and robust locking mechanism, Securelock cables offer a reliable and secure connection, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to your critical equipment.

Raritan PX4 PDUs

Raritan PDU Selector

Streamline your search for the perfect power distribution unit with our intuitive PDU selector tool, offering an effortless way to find the ideal solution that meets your specific requirements and ensures reliable power management for your data center.

PDU Selector

Contact us today to explore our power accessories and optimize your data center's performance and security.


Environmental Smartsensors
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