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Empowering Mission-Critical Success: Critical Power Monitoring with Starline M70 | Legrand United Kingdom

Introducing M70: the most comprehensive power monitoring device

The Starline M70 Critical Power Monitor is a next-generation device designed for optimal performance in mission-critical environments. This advanced tool offers: Superior energy metering for informed, strategic decisions. Unmatched detail in power monitoring, whether at the power feed, branch-circuit, or enclosure levels. Comprehensive features including temperature monitoring, audible alarms, and a user-friendly pivoting display. Essential for maintaining peak performance in crucial settings, making it a top choice for data center operations. These elements combine to make the M70 a highly effective solution for complex power management needs.

Starline M70 endfeed metering in action, showcasing real-time power and temperature data for busway systems.

End Feed Metering

Enhance your data center's power management with Starline M70's endfeed metering. This solution offers precise monitoring for high-demand busway systems, ensuring reliable uptime and load balance. Its advanced features, including real-time data access and temperature monitoring, empower you to maintain optimal electrical infrastructure performance.

Discover Plug Metering Details

Plug Metering

The M70's plug metering capability provides detailed insights into individual circuit performance, enabling effective energy usage and cost reduction. With easy installation and comprehensive data analysis, this tool is ideal for tracking and optimizing plug-level power consumption in dynamic data center environments.

M70 standalone meter

Standalone Metering

For isolated or specific area monitoring, the M70's standalone metering option is unmatched. It delivers granular energy data, facilitating targeted actions for energy efficiency improvements. With its versatile installation options and user-friendly interface, it's a flexible solution for enhancing standalone system performance.


Starline Critical Power Monitoring : M70 Brochure
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Datasheet - M70 critical power monitoring
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