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Structured Cabling

HPC Fiber Solution

With increasing density and power in high performance computing (HPC), the requirements for the structured cabling components are growing from a performance and design perspective. HPC deals with the highest possible bandwidths and transmissions; therefore, it sets the highest demands on the quality of the detachable connections (coupling points) of fiber optic connections. The best possible quality and lowest possible insertion loss is the key to achieving the highest possible reserves on the transmission line and ensuring safe and stable operation. In addition,the high number of connections and cables must be safely handled on the front and the back sides of the connection panels, and cables must be prevented from interfering with the flow of cooling air in HPC racks. The panel must also allow easy access while maintaining high packing density. For this reason, using patch cords of different lengths to reach each server in the rack without excess length is essential.

Legrand offers HPC fiber optic solutions designed to deliver leading-edge network performance, with various density and connector options available for maximum compatibility. Our modular solutions are engineered for installation efficiency and performance, allowing you to design and install efficiently in any environment. Discover our products, including fiber connectors, cassettes, and fiber cable assemblies.


Infinium Quantum Fiber

Our solution offers the lowest total system loss on the market, opening the opportunity to challenge the limits of what was previously impossible. With a total channel attenuation of 0.75 dB, the solution is ideal for AI, hyperscale, cloud, supercomputing, and other high bandwidth demand environments.



The enclosure doors' magnetic latching mechanism enables easy one-handed pull to open and push to close access. The enclosure door is attached to the sliding drawer face and tray, providing easy clearance from equipment or other enclosures mounted below. A locking mechanism on the tray holds the tray in place while patching or dressing the
fiber. The 60/40 split cover is accessible from above and offers toolless removal. 

Intuitive Cable Management

Intuitive Cable Management

The unique pivot arms provide an innovative way to manage fiber slack storage. Each arm rotates towards the rear of the enclosure and hosts a pivot disk that may be used with slack storage spools, fanout kits, or attachment points to secure the Legrand HiLOC harness. The cable attachment brackets feature toolless adjustments for location based on which direction the cable is routed - either side of the enclosure, top or bottom. Simply make the adjustment for cable routing, load the grommet around the cable(s) and close the attachment cover.



Scalable jumper management simplifies patch cord organization by allowing additional layers of management to be added as needed. The drawer front is removable and replaceable, allowing the enclosure to easily convert between standard LM4 and optional M8 cassette 
and adapter footprints. This gives the enclosure scalability to support increased bandwidth and speed requirements using a variety of cables, cassettes, or adapters.

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High Performance Computing

Total Solutions

The data center industry has traditionally worked with heat densities ranging from 1kW to 5kW per rack. But in recent years this trend has significantly changed. At Legrand we want to make sure that our customers have the right solutions in place to adapt to this change.



Intelligent PDUs

Upgrade to the Server Technology PRO4X PDU for next-level intelligence, best-in-class outlet density, flexibility, reliability, security, and accurate data collection, ensuring you conquer today's and tomorrow's power challenges with ease.

Reardoor cooling


Reardoor Cooling

Enhance data center cooling efficiency with rear door cooling solutions from Legrand. Achieve optimal temperature control, improved energy efficiency, and reduced operating costs for your critical IT infrastructure


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