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UPS Accessories | Legrand United Kingdom

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UPS Accessories

Discover a wide array of UPS accessories designed to optimize and enhance your power protection system. From management tools for real-time monitoring and control to high-quality batteries for extended backup time, our UPS accessories ensure your critical equipment stays protected and operational during power disruptions. Maximize the performance and reliability of your UPS with our comprehensive range of accessories.

Battery cabinets

Battery Cabinets

Legrand provides universal battery cabinets compatible with all three-phase UPS models, delivering power outputs ranging from 10kVA to 800kVA.

ups management

UPS Management

Explore our UPS management portfolio, including software, network management cards, and peripherals. Effortlessly manage, monitor, and securely shut down UPS devices, ensuring smooth support for your data center's infrastructure equipment.

Contact us to discuss which UPS/STS solution is right for your data center.