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Static Transfer Switches | Legrand United Kingdom

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Static Transfer Switch

Static Transfer Switch

Ensure uninterrupted operation for critical IT equipment with our 1-phase and 3-phase Static Transfer Switch (STS). As an AC/AC solid-state converter, the STS smoothly transfers power between two input lines using Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs). It offers seamless load transfer in dual-path power systems, enhancing resilience and preventing fault propagation. Experience enhanced supply redundancy and secure power switching without cross-connection between sources. Elevate your power protection with our reliable and robust STS solutions.

Short Circuit Protection

Ensure maximum source protection in dual feed applications.

No Break Seamless Transfers

Automatically transfer loads to alternative power sources when the primary power source fails or is unavailable.

High Availability

Thanks to source separation, dual maintenance bypass, and redundant critical Paths.

Contact us to discuss which STS solution is right for your data center.


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