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Starline Track Busway

By their very nature, mission-critical and data center facilities are susceptible to downtime. With the ever-increasing energy demands putting pressure on IT infrastructure, data center owners and operators face the challenge of finding reliable and flexible power solutions to ensure maximum uptime. Therefore, efficient power distribution and monitoring systems are more vital than ever.

First introduced in 1987, Starline Track Busway is the industry-leading electrical power distribution system for the data center industry or any facility where flexible power is needed. Being UL, ETL listed, and CE marked for use anywhere in the world, the busway is superiorly designed with patented u-shaped copper busbars that create constant tension, which ensures a continuous, reliable connection to power. This flexible and scalable busway system is unique as it allows you to relocate power anywhere you need it anytime without shutting down power—the easy installation means faster expansions and additions, plus a lower cost of ownership.

Flexible and scalable

  • Adapt IT loads to your changing needs with no downtime.
  • Replace or scale up your power plug-in-units in a few minutes, safely on a live busway!
Faster installation & lower costs

Faster installation & lower costs

  • Track busway systems can be installed up to 90% faster than traditional wire systems.
  • Reduced labour costs.


Easier to do maintenance and repair on individual cabinets in the data center since breakers and fuses are located within the plug-in units instead of at a distant panel board.



  • A ground path (earthing) system throughout its enclosure and plug-in units.
  • No unnecessary power cables or extension cords since plug-in units supply localized power to machines overhead, eliminating potential fire/OSHA violations.
  • All major components in the system are labelled.

Discuss your busway project challenges with us; we can provide tailored solutions.


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