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Cabinet side panel accessories

Using a standard 'one size fits all' side panel for your data center cabinet is a common mistake. Like all other cabinet accessories, side panels should offer the flexibility to adapt to your specific cabinet requirements. Selecting the same side panel for end-of-row, stand-alone, or in-between cabinets can significantly increase installation costs. And mounting no side panels will impact the airflow within your cabinet, increasing your cooling costs.

With the Nexpand Cabinet Platform, you can choose from multiple side panel options to suit your cabinet application needs.

End of row side panel 

End of row side panel 

These panels are powder coated and recommended for cabinets at the start or end of a row or for stand-alone applications. The powder coating ensures a durable and homogeneous finish for your entire containment. 

A horizontally split side panel version is available to order separately, which ensures easy transportation and installation. The full-height version is recommended when you request preassembled panels from the factory.

Slide-in side panel 

Slide-in side panel 

These panels are for use in between cabinets. The unique feature of this panel is that it can be retrofitted even after cabinet installation. This solution is highly convenient for multi-tenant data centers as it provides flexibility after installation if cabinets need to be separated or when there are changes in the designation of the cabinet.

Side divider panels 

Side divider panels 

These full-height, non-powder-coated panels are for use in between cabinets. These offer a cost-effective way to separate two cabinets when preinstalled from the factory.

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