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UPSaver scalable high power UPS
(Up to 21 MVA)

UPSaver is developed following an eco-concept-design approach to match data centers’ sustainability demands. Its state-of-the-art components make it one of the most compact, efficient, reliable, and fully adaptable power protection systems available, with the flexibility to adapt to data centers' critical and changing needs. UPSaver, with high power units of 333 kW, can scale up to 2.67 MW in a single unit and up to 21 MW in a parallel system and synchronized dual power systems.

Maximum Flexibility up to 21 MW

Maximum Flexibility up to 21 MW

The modular design allows simple system resizing with the addition of power modules. Maintenance operations can be completed without powering down the system or switching to a bypass line.
• X- Hot Swap Module Scalability to 2.67 MVA
• Y- Parallel Power Scalability up to 21 MVA
• Synchro of two parallel systems for A and B lines dual energy supply systems - Scalability for distributed redundancy

Low Environmental Footprint

Low Environmental Footprint

UPSaver can feed at maximum efficiency (97.2%) any load up to unit power factor, and its transformer-free design makes it lighter and more compact for higher environmental sustainability.
UPSaver can operate in all International Electrotechnical Commission classified modes of operation: double conversion (VFI), ECO mode (VFD), and Ultra High Efficiency (VFD) (99%).

Synchro configuration for high availability

Keeping two independent UPSavers in synchro allows the supply to two separate and redundant lines to reach the highest availability level.

Low Maintenance Cost

Low Maintenance Cost

UPSaver is a highly versatile system, allowing for any maintenance or power resizing to be carried out while units are online. And Green Battery Management and Green Conversion technology save battery life by mitigating the major root causes of battery aging, such as ripple current and floating charge micro currents. UHE mode of operation significantly increases the duration of wearing components.

Redundancy and Hot Service

In case of redundant configurations, including distribution cabinets, UPSaver is hot serviceable for each of its components. The power units can be connected, replaced, or removed while the rest of the system continues to feed and protect the critical load.

Redundancy and hot service

Free Layout

Extreme layout flexibility allows you to free space up for other equipment or overcome room constraints like pillars, walls, or other devices. UPSaver is designed around your new or existing data center.
333 kVA power units are connected to the IOBM unit by flexible internal connections, allowing constraint-overcoming positionings like back-to-back layout, L-shape, and gap layout.

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