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Legrand AI Data Center Solutions | Legrand United Kingdom

Empower your Data Center for the AI Boom

The relentless growth of artificial intelligence (AI) signifies a profound transformation in our digital landscape, with data centers at the forefront of this revolutionary wave. Serving as nerve centers, data centers process, store, and disseminate vast amounts of AI-generated data, acting as custodians of efficiency, security, and sustainability. Legrand recognizes the challenges posed by AI, such as increased storage demands and security risks, and responds strategically with a tailored data center solution portfolio. Join us to explore the intricate interplay between AI and data centers, unlocking Legrand's solutions—from optimizing energy management to enhancing security—fortifying data centers against the headwinds of the AI revolution. The current AI boom propels us into an era of innovation, yet challenges arise, demanding robust infrastructures. Legrand's comprehensive suite addresses these challenges, optimizing efficiency, managing energy, and enhancing security in the AI-powered ecosystem.

Lets delve into the AI-ready solutions!

Discover how Legrand's comprehensive suite addresses these challenges by optimizing efficiency, managing energy, and enhancing security in the AI-powered ecosystem.

ColdLogik RDHx - Energy-efficient Cooling Amidst the AI Boom.

ColdLogik RDHx: Sustainable Cooling Amidst the AI Boom

AI's surge has increased data center workload, posing challenges in energy consumption, heat management, and environmental impact. The ColdLogik RDHx offers a sustainable alternative, potentially cutting cooling energy use by 90%. Addressing server temperature challenges, it introduces an air-assisted liquid solution with adaptive technology, optimizing energy in data centers. Despite AI's challenges, ColdLogik RDHx provides energy-efficient, adaptable cooling solutions, sustaining AI tech growth.

Starline Busway - Innovative Power Distribution for AI Challenges.

Simplifying Power Distribution with Starline Busway


As AI technologies advance, reliable power distribution becomes critical. Starline Busway presents an effective solution, reducing construction costs and time. Discover how this innovative power distribution system meets the growing demand for efficient power delivery in the AI era.

Minkels Nexpand Rack - Adaptable Infrastructure for AI-Driven Operations.

Optimizing Space with Minkels Nexpand Rack


AI's exponential growth demands flexible and sustainable solutions. Explore how Minkels' Nexpand Rack addresses these challenges with its adaptability, robust construction, and fast deployment features. Learn how it meets the evolving needs of AI-driven operations while aligning with sustainability goals.

Cablofil Basket Systems - Efficient Cable Organization for Dynamic Data Centers.

Efficient Cable Organization Using Cablofil Basket Systems


The dynamic environment around modern data centers requires efficient cable organization. Dive into how Cablofil steel wire cable trays and accessories provide optimum support, ensuring compatibility with various cable types. Discover their quick installation and scalability, reducing downtime in the event of reconfiguration.

Server Technology PRO4X PDU - Managing Power Distribution for Efficient AI Operations.

Raritan PX4 and ServerTechnology PRO4X PDUs: Innovative Power Management for AI Operations

These PDUs are designed to meet data centers' demanding power distribution requirements, particularly for AI operations. Raritan PX4 PDU intelligently manages power distribution, providing real-time insights and remote monitoring for optimal AI system performance. The Server Technology PRO4X PDU stands out with intelligent features, ensuring quality and reliability while effectively addressing AI challenges with total harmonic distortion, maintaining a steady power supply under high-demand situations.

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