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Whether you're looking for user manuals, technical specifications, or our latest brochures and magazines you'll find it all here in one convenient location.

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MoR Brochure


Brochure 1.62 MB

Li-Ion vs. VRLA Batteries

White Paper: Li-Ion vs. VRLA Batteries

White Papers 8.67 MB

A detailed comparison of Li-Ion and VRLA batteries for UPS applications by Legrand.

UPS for Data Centers

White Paper: UPS for Data Centers

White Papers 8.49 MB

Get insights on how Legrand UPS optimizes data center operations with reliable power solutions.

UPS Eco-Sustainability

White Paper: UPS Eco-Sustainability

White Papers 3.99 MB

Learn about Legrand's commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly UPS solutions that reduce environmental impact.

UPS and NAS Devices

White Paper: UPS and NAS Device

White Papers 1.01 MB

Discover how integrating UPS with NAS devices enhances data security and system reliability in Legrand's solution.

Reliability and Availability in Legrand UPS

White Paper: Reliability and Availability in Legrand UPS

White Papers 2.91 MB

Explore Legrand's strategies to boost UPS reliability and availability, ensuring optimal uptime for critical systems.

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Swift & Salamander cable ladder - Compliance & PEP Certificates

PEP Certificates 9.51 MB


Raritan NX1 PDUs Brochure

Brochure 1.6 MB

Elevate your power distribution with our upgraded NX1 PDUs, now boasting a 60°C temperature certification.