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The most significant risk facing data centers is downtime. The Nexpand cabinet platform provides maximum access security and reliable intelligent power distribution. Innovative monitoring tools and sensors work reliably 24/7 to detect and alert data center operators to sudden changes in or out of racks to prevent outages.

High Level Security

High level security

The design of our server and network cabinets offers the possibility to use not only standard mechanical locks (such as cylinder locks) but also smart locks. Smart locks can be opened remotely or enable the user to monitor who was in the cabinet and at what time from afar. Optionally a camera system can be used. Some locks also offer the possibility of remotely granting someone access to the cabinet – whether temporarily or otherwise.

Tamper proof cabinet

Tamper proof cabinet

Smart locks often require cabling, which can be neatly integrated into our door thanks to the integrated duct. All the areas of the cabinets can also be locked from the inside to ensure they cannot be opened externally. All these features provide high-level access security.

Control your cabinet environment

Control your cabinet environment

Power is a mission-critical component of any data center. Even minor interruptions to the power supply can have a large impact. The new cabinet platform makes it possible to manage the risks of power outages by using intelligent power distribution (PDUs). Innovative sensors help provide real-time environmental alerts on temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, water/leaks, contact closures, proximity detection, vibration, and more.

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