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Marketing Collateral - CL21 Smart Passive Data Sheet | Legrand United Kingdom


Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler

CL21 Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers are established as highly efficient cooling systems for use on data center/server racks. Designed to operate on a closed loop water circuit, ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance by removing heat generated by the active equipment directly at source.


The ColdLogik CL21 Smart Passive is designed to provide high performance cooling with Zero operational costs. The performance is entirely dependent on the active equipment inside the cabinet, and the available static pressure. At 14° C / 57.2°F Water inlet, the CL21 Smart Passive is able to supply up to 29kW of cooling. Ideal for a data centre targeting a highly sustainable operating structure.


Performance Examples

Performance examples

These examples show the RDC duties attainable when the active equipment inside the rack produces
varying volumes of airflow. Other performance duties are attainable when calculating bespoke project specific requirements. 

Reach out to us for a discussion on your cooling challenges.


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