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Rack Management

Legrand provides an extensive array of rack solutions aimed at enhancing the control of your crucial IT equipment at the rack level. Ranging from intelligent asset tags to a comprehensive set of environmental sensors for overseeing your data center, as well as physical security within the rack.

Tags and sensors

Intelligent Asset Management

With asset management you can remotely track IT equipment locations after tagging IT devices electronically. This feature is especially useful when there are hundreds of IT devices to administer. The asset management solution includes:

  • Raritan Asset Management Tags (AMT) - An electronic asset tag with a unique ID attaches to an IT device.
  • Raritan Asset Management Sensors (AMS) - The asset sensors mounted on your racks monitor and provide location information on each asset
Smart Rack Controller

Smart Rack Controller

Raritan’s Smart Rack Controller (SRC) is an intelligent sensor management solution that serves as a central connection point for environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and other monitoring and security sensors.

It addresses the gaps in instrumenting a data center by providing an allin-one intelligent device that collects and delivers real-time actionable data about your facility with minimum change needed to the configuration of existing power distribution or IT infrastructure.



Raritan’s SmartLock is a networked and intelligent electronic door access and control system designed to deliver audited controlled access to physical sensitive IT assets in the data center’s white space. It is an economic scalable solution that addresses evolving security requirements for IT applications and regulatory compliance from HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS 3.2, and SSAE



Discover our advanced sensor solutions designed to provide real-time monitoring and critical data insights for your data center. With a wide range of sensors, you can ensure optimal environmental conditions, proactively detect issues, and enhance overall efficiency and performance.

Contact us now to explore how we can optimize your data center's performance and reliability.


Smart Rack Controller Datasheet
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