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Structured Cabling

Copper and Fiber Solutions

The LCS3 modular cabling system is an innovative solution for fast and flexible cabling in data centers. The system is designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective way to connect and manage your network infrastructure, with pre-terminated copper and fiber optic cabling components that can be easily installed, removed, and reconfigured without disrupting network operations.

The range of advanced components, includes modular copper and fiber optic cassettes, a system for easier cable and fiber optic jumper management, new quick fixing systems, and a fiber optic modular unit compatible with both racks and cassettes. These components enable fast and flexible installation, maintenance, and upgrades of network infrastructure while reducing downtime and minimizing cable clutter in data center environments.

Copper and Fiber Optic Cassettes

Copper and Fiber Optic Cassettes

  • Reliable and fast connectivity
  • Easily scalable design
  • Simple and quick deployment
  • Efficient pre-terminated cabling
  • Flexible and modular architecture
Cable and Fiber Management

Cable and Fiber Management

  • Efficient cable routing organization
  • Easy-to-use cable management accessories
Quick Fixing Systems

Quick Fixing Systems

  • Simple and tool-less installation
  • Saves time and money


Wide range of accessories available for cable management and routing

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Datacenter Structured Cabling
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Structured Cabling Solutions
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