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In a data center, uninterrupted power is paramount. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and STS (Static Transfer Switch) solutions play a vital role in ensuring continuous power delivery, safeguarding critical operations, and minimizing the risk of downtime. Discover the essential importance of these systems for data center resilience and reliability.

Scalable UPS


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Achieving unprecedented data center uptime is a primary business goal. Research reveals UPS failures as the leading cause of downtime, posing a significant financial burden. Selecting the right UPS is crucial for enhanced resilience and uptime security.



Static Transfer Switch

STSs are crucial for data centers, securely switching between independent AC power paths to ensure operational reliability and minimize disruptions. Legrand offers a wide range of STS solutions to meet unique data center demands.

Contact us to discuss which UPS/STS solution is right for your data center.


UPS Catalog 2023
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Static Transfer Switches EN
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