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Racks & Cabinets

Data centers replace their IT equipment much faster than the infrastructure hosting them. For example, a cabinet is, on average, used for 15-20 years, while servers have a typical lifespan of only 3 to 5 years. It is, therefore, key that the cabinets are designed with the flexibility to accommodate both existing needs and future changing requirements for when equipment changes.

The Nexpand cabinet is a future-proof platform that offers a highly configurable design. Nexpand provides you with an unmatched level of flexibility and modularity to mount accessories within the cabinet for your evolving needs. It also offers best-in-class energy efficiency and high-level access security.

Best Energy Efficiency

Best Energy Efficiency

Using sustainable materials and processes, Nexpand provides an environmentally friendly cabinet with the best-in-class airflow management solution, delivering the most energy-efficient cabinet in the market.

Fast Delivery

Configure your Cabinet

We can deliver a ready-to-go cabinet that meets your exact needs directly from the factory—offering multiple door options, an airflow management solution, and a range of accessories, all premounted.

Organized Cabling

Organized Cabling

With the vast range of cable management accessories available and the flexibility Nexpand provides to mount them in almost any position, you can remove unorganized cables inside your cabinet, easily identifying cable paths, facilitating maintenance, and helping improve airflow. Organized cabling helps in avoiding hot air accumulating at the rear of the cabinet, so the cold air coming into the rack can easily push the hot one at the rear outside of the cabinet. 

Next Level Security

Next Level Security

Nexpand offers the highest levels of access security and reliable, intelligent power distribution. Innovative monitoring tools and sensors provide real-time environmental alerts to inform you when something is astray, increasing response times and reducing downtime.

Robust Modular Design

Robust Modular Design

The Nexpand platform is engineered to last using the highest quality materials. It features a light but solid frame and door that comfortably bear the weight of IT equipment. Its fully integrated handle and locking mechanism are also unique, providing the most robust platform on the market.

Design Your Own Rack

Beyond Configuration

Design Your Own Rack

Even with the almost unlimited configurable design options available, it is still possible that your requirements may fall outside of the standard dimensions of a data center cabinet. Do you need a cabinet that exceeds the common height measurements? Do you need an extra wide or a very narrow cabinet? 
Whatever your requirement, we can build it for you!


Types of Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important items in any data center that house different types of IT equipment. We offer different type of cabinets. When selecting a cabinet, it is critical to choose one that can adapt to your IT equipment needs and support your infrastructure to function in the most energy-efficient way possible


Cabinet options

With the Nexpand cabinet, we ensure you will have the neatest and most efficient data center cabinet in the market. The flexible modular design and our vast portfolio of accessories set us apart from any other cabinet manufacturer. Discover endless possibilities with Nexpand.


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