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Raritan NX1 PDU | Legrand United Kingdom



The goal of every data center is to ensure uptime, and companies must strive for service availability to be as close to 100% as possible. With downtime costs increasing yearly, selecting the right products to power your IT equipment is critical to achieving maximum reliability.

The brand-new Raritan NX1 basic PDUs have been developed with one core aspect in mind: rock-solid reliability. These non-networked PDUs provide the highest power distribution reliability while offering the flexibility to adapt the PDU configuration to your exact needs.


Rock Solid Reliability

The Raritan NX1 range features an aluminium chassis rated for temperatures up to 60°C, capable of performing in the most challenging conditions.

The PDUs platform offers hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers with a high-temperature tolerance for tripping that can match the 60°C rating and high interruption capacity.

Preventing Human Error

All the PDUs implement auto-locking outlets to avoid accidental disconnections due to human error or vibrations.

There are nine colour choices available, in addition to standard black, to help you quickly identify PDUs by power feed or to recognize the different circuits in the PDU.

HD outlet

More Outlets, Smaller Form Factor

The growing demand to deliver more outlets without compromising PDU size has led to our innovative High Density Outlet Technology design.

Increase your available outlets for heavily populated racks without requiring extra PDUs, ensuring that your PDUs will fit in the cabinet without obstructing rack airflow.


Local Power Metering

The Raritan NX1 basic PDUs grant you visibility on Amps, kWh, Volts and Power factor at PDU level with ±1% accuracy.

You can opt for PDUs that mount a local power meter (LPM) to consult relevant power data for your facility and get local alerts if power demands reach values that put your data center at risk.

Off-the-Shelf and Configurable PDUs

Select one of our catalogue models configured for the most common data center specifications for the fastest deployment time or contact us for your tailor-made PDU solution.

Configure aspects such as inlet type, colour coding, up to three different outlet types per PDU with five available options, power indicator and much more.
Basic PDUs

Discover our PDUs

Taking control of the rack power infrastructure in your data center is the first step in understanding overall efficiency and potential threats that may have serious consequences upstream. Our intelligent PDUs can help you manage your power chain with capabilities that go far beyond power distribution.

If you are interested in learning more about other problem-solving capacities of an intelligent PDU, start exploring

Contact us for expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your power distribution needs.


Raritan NX1 PDUs Brochure
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