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Cable management

EZ-Path fire stopping devices

When protecting your facility from the dangers of fire, you can't afford to take any chances. That's where EZ-Path comes in. The product's innovative design provides a safe and reliable pathway for cables and other vital equipment to pass through fire-rated walls and floors. With its easy installation, flexible design, and unparalleled firestop protection, EZ-Path is the go-to choice for data center professionals looking to safeguard their facility.

Particularly suited to infrastructures requiring electrical or data wiring modifications, EZ-Path fire barriers guarantee against construction reserve and fire crossing non-compliance. Certified EI 120 min perennial rating according to EN 13501-2 in all types of walls. EZ-Path has been FM Systems Approved, meeting the world's highest quality and safety requirements.

Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of EZ-Path and how it can help protect your data center from the devastating consequences of fire.

EZ-Path® is a registered trademark and is manufactured by Specified Technologies Inc. (STI)


EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathways

EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathways

 Fire resistance classification

 Fire resistance classification

  • EI 120 (120 minutes) EI 240 (240 minutes)
  • Classification according to EN 35501-2 
  • Factory pre-calibration and empty/full certification of the intumescent materials
  • Safe seal, with or without cables
  • Fireproof certification guaranteed for the entire life of the electrical installation
Sustainable solution

Sustainable solution

  • Fireproof certification guaranteed for the entire life of the electrical installation. 
  • Safe and secure sealing, with or without cables. 
  • Factory pre-calibration and full/empty certification of intumescent materials. 
Easy installation

Easy installation

  • The EZ-Path® assembly is fixed mechanically: the ideal solution for cable pulling requirements
  • Automatic mechanical cable feed-through solution
  • Easy cable pulling, whether cables are pre-fitted with connectors or not, using a simple wire puller
Modular infrastructure

Modular infrastructure

  • Modules (suitable for all types of wall) can be assembled to form a sturdy unit (horizontal or vertical installation). 
  • Guaranteed flexibility without affecting the integrity of the fire wall, with no training or tools required to add equipment or change the configuration, and no dust or debris created.

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