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Dominion SX II - Raritan | Legrand United Kingdom


Remote Access

Serial Console Server - Your Next Generation Solution

Dominion SX II provides serial-over-IP access and control of serial devices — anytime, anywhere. It's the most powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use console server on the market. Enjoy unrivaled control over servers, networking devices, security appliances, rack PDUs, virtual hosts, and wireless / telecom equipment! The SX II supports the widest variety of serial-over-IP connections via SSH/Telnet Client, Java-free web-browser, CommandCenter, telephony modem, cellular modem, and at-the-rack access. Raritan offers thirteen different 1U appliances to connect to 4, 8, 16, 32 or 48 serial devices. All models have dual power supplies (AC or DC) and dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. The SX II builds on over ten years and 500 million hours of operation of the original SX. Besides the high performance serial processing from a more powerful hardware platform, the SX II includes the exciting new features described below.

Java-Free Serial

Java-Free Serial-Over-IP Access

Complete CLI access and management via SSH, Telnet and Java-free web-browser, with convenient direct port access methods. Two script-based automatic configuration methods (TFTP server and USB stick) are available for fast installation and configuration changes. Scales to thousands of devices with Raritan's CommandCenter.

Powerful New Hardware

Powerful New Hardware

The Dominion SX II features a 1 GHz processor with an 8-fold increase in memory, dual power supplies (AC & DC), dual gigabit LAN ports, auto-sensing DTE/DCE ports, 4 USB ports, laptop/KVM access, port status LEDs, and telephone modem option for all models!

Military-Grade Security

Military-Grade Security

Achieve military-grade security levels, including: strong AES and certified FIPS 140-2 encryption module, LDAP/RADIUS/Active Directory authentication, and dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 networking. Two factor authentication available with RADIUS and RSA SecurID tokens. New secure, two-factor authentication to login to the Dominion SX II with SmartCards, CAC and PKI certificates.

Broad Serial Device

Broad Serial Device Support

Enjoy comprehensive serial device access to a wide range of equipment. Automatic DTE/DCE detection eliminates the need for rollover cables. Support for operating speeds of 1,200 to 230,400 bps with flexible, per-port serial options.

Remote Access

Additional Features

No Rollover Cables

SX II allows you to direct connect to Cisco and other compatible devices without rollover cables!

3G/4G Modem Access

The SX II offers an optional internal telephone modem and can connect to an external cellular (3G/4G) modem for emergency access.

Automatic Configuration

Two automatic configuration methods (TFTP server and USB stick) are available for fast installation and changes.

Complete CLI Management

The SX II offers complete CLI access and management via SSH, Telnet and web-browser, with convenient direct port access methods.

Best At-the-Rack Access

Multiple types of at-the-rack access including: (1) Serial console, (2) Laptop/USB or (3) KVM Console.

FIPS 140-2 Encryption

Certified FIPS 140-2 encryption module to meet the most stringent government or regulatory security frameworks. Strong AES encryption, strong passwords and optional security banner.

Direct Port Access

Convenient direct port access to individual SX connected devices is available via SSH, Telnet, and HTTP. This quick and flexible access is available using individual IP addresses, unique TCP ports, or HTTP URLs.

Port and Session Logging

The Dominion SX II supports logging of both user input and serial device output to a Network File System (NFS) server. This can be encrypted and is available even when the user is not connected to the device.

Port Keywords (Triggers)

SX II users can create port keywords, which triggers a message, if received from a serial device. Messages can be sent via email, SNMP trap and logged in the NFS port log.

Remote Access

Multiple Forms of Serial-over-IP Access

Remote Access

Dominion SX II Models and Features

Dominion SX II Model Ports Modem Power LAN Local Console
DSX2-4 4 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-4M 4 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-8 8 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-8M 8 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-8M-DC 8 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-16 16 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-16M 16 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-32 32 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-32M 32 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-32M-DC 32 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-48 48 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-48M 48 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM
DSX2-48M-DC 48 Dual AC Dual Serial/USB/KVM

CommandCenter Centralized Access & Management

Dominion KVM and Serial appliances, including SX II, KX III, KSX II and KX2-101-V2, integrate with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway. With the CommandCenter management system, administrators can manage multiple Raritan devices. Users can access hundreds or thousands of computer and networking devices from a single, integrated system. If you own five or more Raritan appliances, you should consider CommandCenter for centralized management and access.

CommandCenter also provides Remote Power Control, access to VMware Virtual Machines and support of in-band access solutions such as RDP, VNC, SSH and service processors from leading computer manufacturers. CC-SG is a perfect complement to the Power IQ Power Management Solution and enables power control of devices connected to multi-vendor PDU’s managed by Power IQ.

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