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Raritan PX4 Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) | Legrand United Kingdom

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The latest available studies indicate that data centers were responsible for around 3% of global electricity consumption in 2022, which is projected to increase further. Therefore, it is fundamental that data centers optimize their electricity consumption to avoid wastage.

The all-new Raritan PX4 PDU has built on its industry-leading outlet technology to offer groundbreaking intelligence features that will provide advanced power quality monitoring and metrics. This combination delivers a best-in-class outlet while providing power density, flexibility, reliability, security, and accurate data collection, ensuring you can meet today's and tomorrow's power challenges.


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Combine industry-leading intelligence, exceptional flexibility, enterprise-level security, and extraordinary reliability

Features & Benefits

iX9 Controller

The New iX Controller

The new iX controller takes the intelligent PX4 PDUs into a league of their own. The iX is a hot-swappable controller that allows live replacement without disrupting the connected devices. It maintains the status of all outlets and reprograms itself to the status of the previous one once seated in the PDU.

The iX controller delivers a best-in-class solution with user-configurable firmware, multiple connectivity ports, a high visibility display, industrial-grade reliability, and multi-layer redundancy for failover support.

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics

The PX4 PDU offers unmatched ±0.5% metering accuracy for power quality, energy efficiency, and health of cabinet equipment.

The new feature set measures peak and minimum/maximum values of current, voltage, line frequency, active power, total harmonic distortion, and more, helping you identify and address power quality problems to support capacity planning and prevent downtime.

Now Measuring Total Harmonic Distortion

Now Measuring Total Harmonic Distortion

The PX4 PDU is the first rack PDU to measure total harmonic distortion at the cabinet and device levels.

Understanding total harmonic distortion allows you to see how much your electrical load distorts the power provided by your facility, giving you insight into how much power is used and wasted so that you can take corrective action and improve your data center efficiency.

Outlet Failure Detection and Detailed Analysis

Outlet Failure Detection and Detailed Analysis

When a circuit breaker trips, it is of utmost urgency to take corrective action. With improved circuit trip forensics, the PX4 can identify via the GUI and LED lights at the PDU level what outlet caused the circuit breaker to trip, saving critical time.

The new waveform capture feature also provides screenshots of the current and voltage waveforms of the outlet at the time of the event to help you analyze and identify the root cause of the problem.


High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) Outlets

The specially engineered and patented design removes unnecessary moldings around the outlet, increasing the space to fit more outlets in the same footprint.

HDOT outlets require less space compared to standard PDU outlets, allowing you to maximize the potential of your PDU.

HDOT Cx Outlets

HDOT Cx Outlets

Benefit from a hybrid C13 and C19 outlet that allows C14 or C20 power cables to plug into the outlet without any extra parts.

The Cx outlets allow you to customize multiple PDU configurations, offering the ultimate density and flexibility to adapt your PDU configuration when future equipment changes occur.

RamLock Mechanical Locking

RamLock Mechanical Locking

This high-strength outlet and cord-locking system can secure C14 and C20 plugs without requiring special cables, sleeves, or adapters.

Unlocking a cable can be easily done by squeezing the lock and pulling out the cord with just one hand.

XerusTM Technology Platform

Xerus™ Technology Platform

Xerus is a technology platform that combines hardware, software, and communication protocols that form the backbone of the all-new Raritan PX4 and all other Raritan power products.

It delivers easy interoperability with third-party systems and connects to a broad suite of accessories, such as environmental sensors, asset management, and physical control accessories, to help you monitor and manage your data center.


The Most Secure Rack PDU Just Became Safer

Raritan is trusted worldwide by military, governmental, and banking institutions for its highly secured and engineered rack PDU solutions.

The new PX4 PDU delivers an enhanced security suite with multiple features to create the safest rack PDU in the market.

Raritan PX4 PDUs

Raritan PDU Selector

Streamline your search for the perfect power distribution unit with our intuitive PDU selector tool, offering an effortless way to find the ideal solution that meets your specific requirements and ensures reliable power management for your data center.

PDU Selector

Contact us for expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your power distribution needs.


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