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Raritan PX3 Rack PDU - Intelligent PDUs | Legrand United Kingdom



Raritan PX3 Rack PDUs

With 1.5 billion hours of runtime, our trusted power distribution units (PDUs) have been relied upon by the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies. Backed by 30 years of data center expertise, we deliver innovative and customized PDU solutions, developing over 200 new designs annually. Join us to benefit from our proven reliability, industry trust, and cutting-edge PDU products for your data center requirements.


Raritan PX3, Intelligent Rack PDUs

See how the PX series of rack PDUs is engineered to reliably and efficiently distribute power to devices in your data center.

Features & Benefits

Rock Solid Uptime, No Compromises.

From the ground up, PX Intelligent PDUs are architected with components, features, and failsafes that ensure the most reliable infrastructure possible, both now and for years to come.

Failover Power

Built-in Failover Power

Maintain network connectivity and uninterrupted monitoring with our dual PDUs in the cabinet, utilizing the power share capability of our iX7 Controller even during a power feed failure.


Advanced Alerting and Intelligence

Stay proactive with billing-grade monitoring, detecting potential failures in advance with user-defined thresholds. Real-time alarms promptly notify you of power chain risks.
Circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming

Identify faulty power supplies and respond to tripped breakers that go undetected by other systems, ensuring prompt action and prevention of critical issues.

Bi-Stable Latching Relays

Our PX3 Intelligent PDUs with outlet switching (rack switched PDU) utilize highly reliable components, resulting in energy-efficient operation, protection against inrush currents, and the ability to sustain critical power loads even in the face of catastrophic failures.

Prevent Outages Before They Occur

PX Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units help eliminate human error and can withstand the harshest environments. With monitoring features that spot problems in advance and physical design elements that adapt to the toughest conditions, our rack power solutions protect your critical load under any circumstances.


Rugged Structural Design

Gain valuable insights into your data center's power infrastructure with precise measurements of each server's power supply. Uncover hidden issues, validate redundancy, optimize load balancing, and ensure efficient and resilient power distribution. Take control of your power management strategy and maximize reliability, efficiency, and uptime with accurate server power supply measurements.

Robust 2

Outlet-Level Power Monitoring

Discover the robustness of premium input cable glands, offering superior strain relief, solid chassis sides for enhanced protection, and efficient heat dissipation. Enjoy improved rack accessibility and airflow with their compact footprint. Designed to withstand high temperatures, these glands ensure safe operation and facilitate efficient load balancing through alternating phase outlet wiring.
Robust 3

Intelligent Field-Replaceable Controller

Ensure uninterrupted server operation during infrastructure repairs with PX Intelligent PDUs. Featuring a fully hot-swappable onboard controller, downtime is eliminated, providing a seamless maintenance experience. Enjoy continuous server uptime with our reliable PDU solution.

Colored PDUs

Full Color Rack PDU Chassis

Effortlessly determine the power source for each AC connection by utilizing color-coded Intelligent PDUs. Mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime caused by human error with our full-colored, powder-coated chassis, offering a reliable solution beyond mere colored stickers. Enhance operational efficiency and eliminate confusion by visually identifying power sources at a glance with our intuitive and durable color-coding system.
Network Connections

Redundant Network Connections

Ensure monitoring reliability and seamless sharing of insights with building management and IT, thanks to our modern Gigabit Ethernet port. Backed by a second network connection port, our solution guarantees uninterrupted communication, even when operating on separate networks. Experience enhanced data accessibility and robust monitoring capabilities with our reliable and versatile network configuration.

Simple to Deploy, Simple to Use.

Experience extraordinary dividends with our thoughtfully designed PX3 Intelligent PDUs. Engineered in collaboration with electricians, infrastructure managers, and IT experts, our PDUs offer a user-friendly experience that simplifies physical deployment, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and power delivery. Benefit from seamless usability and enjoy a hassle-free power management solution designed to meet the diverse needs of your data center environment.

PDU Matrix Display

Rich, Color Matrix LCD Display

Upgrade your power monitoring experience with PX Intelligent PDUs, surpassing plain ammeters. Enjoy the convenience of a high-resolution onboard display that presents voltage, amperage, energy readings, alarms, and configuration settings in a user-friendly manner. Effortlessly access and navigate this valuable information using the intuitive local control buttons, providing convenient onsite monitoring and control capabilities.

PDU Interface

Sleek and Intuitive User Interface

Streamline your power management workflow with PX Intelligent PDUs. Monitor and control your devices remotely and in real-time using a user-friendly interface that is accessible from web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Stay connected and manage your power infrastructure with ease, regardless of your location or preferred device.

Zero touch deployment

Zero-Touch Deployment

Effortlessly configure large quantities of PX Intelligent PDUs with a wide array of mass configuration options. From basic USB flash drives to advanced network-based tools such as TFTP, PXE over DHCP, JSON-RPC, and more, choose the method that suits your needs and streamline the configuration process for hundreds or even thousands of devices. Simplify and expedite your setup with our versatile and scalable configuration options.


Network Cascading and Built-in Wireless

Reduce Ethernet port requirements for deployment by efficiently cascading a single network connection across multiple Intelligent PDUs or by opting for a wireless solution with a Raritan Wi-Fi adapter. Minimize cable clutter and simplify network connectivity while maintaining seamless communication between your PDUs, resulting in a streamlined and cost-effective deployment process.

Decision making

Decision-making Made Easy

Gain real-time visibility into your facility's energy utilization, hotspots, and PUE through seamless integration with Sunbird's® PowerIQ® management interface, empowering you to optimize heat and power loads, identify stranded capacity, and plan for future expansion with ease.

Infrastructure That Will Never Be Obsolete.

Future-proof your rack power distribution with PX3 Intelligent PDUs, designed to endure multiple technology refresh cycles and provide reliable support for a decade or more. With advanced technology and high power densities, our PDUs meet both your current and future growth demands, ensuring long-term scalability and performance.

High density

High Power Densities

Choose from Raritan's extensive range of designs above 10kW, including rack PDUs rated up to 68kW, ensuring ample headroom for high compute densities now and in the future.

Xerus Platform

Extensive DCIM Interoperability

Built on the Raritan Xerus™ Technology Platform, PX Intelligent PDUs provide an open API that interoperates with any DCIM or BMS software.


iX7 Controller

The Raritan iX7 Controller enables seamless connectivitygigabit Ethernet, a

Raritan PDU Selector

Streamline your search for the perfect power distribution unit with our intuitive PDU selector tool, offering an effortless way to find the ideal solution that meets your specific requirements and ensures reliable power management for your data center.

PDU Selector

Contact us for expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your power distribution needs.


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