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Retrofit metering | Legrand United Kingdom

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Retrofit metering

The Retrofit Critical Power Monitor (CPM) option is available for both end feed and plug-in unit versions, providing a cost-effective option for adding or upgrading existing Starline power systems in the field.

To add metering capabilities to existing plug-in units at your facility, a small enclosure with an adjustable pass-through for the plug-in units houses the CPM, which can be mounted easily to any available free space on the plug-in enclosures. End feed retrofit kits, which include the new CPM and the sheet metal lid, will be specific to your installation. For end feeds with existing legacy metering devices installed, the new CPM units can be calibrated to work with the existing current transformers so feed cables do not need to be removed from the terminal lugs.

Key Benefits

  • Easily upgrade existing installations to include metering functionality
  • Option to have your Retrofit CPM installed in the field or at one of our global production facilities
  • Incorporate metering without needing to order brand-new systems 

Retrofit metering

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