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Wire Mesh and Cable Trays | Legrand United Kingdom

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Cable Management

Wire mesh and Cable Trays

Explore our versatile and customizable offerings, designed to ensure organized and reliable cable routing, minimizing the risk of downtime and optimizing performance. With a wide range of options, find the perfect fit for your data center's unique needs and enjoy seamless installation and maintenance


Cablofil Wire Mesh System

Cablofil wire mesh cable tray, a high-quality, reliable cable management solution for data centers. Benefit from easy installation, maximum cable capacity, improved airflow, and a customizable design to meet your facility's unique needs.

P31 Cable Tray System

Experience the innovation of Legrand's P31 cable tray - fast installation, integrated automatic coupling for quick, simple, and safe connections. Uninstall with ease when needed.

Fiber Raceway Cable Ducting

Prefer Legrand Data Center Solutions' fiber raceway cable ducting for global data centers. Designed for demanding environments, it guarantees maximum performance, reliability, and network security.

Salamandre Secure Trunking

Set the standard for fitting speed with Salamandre distribution trunking. Its pre-fitted coupling system, shake-proof screws, and clip-on lid make it 50% quicker to install. Enjoy an extensive range for faster, safer installations.

Cable management projects require expertise, let's discuss yours with our team.