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Each year Legrand participates in many events ranging from our own events, webinars, conference, and trade shows.
We like to show you our latest solutions for the white space en grey space, and help educate our customers of that what’s possible with best-in-class solutions.

Stockholm Tech Show 2024

Stockholm Tech Show 2024

22/23 MAY 2024

Stockholm, Sweden


DCW London 2024

Data Centre World Frankfurt

22/23 MAY 2024

Frankfurt, Germany


Computerworld Event Datasenterdagen

23 MAY 2024

Oslo, Norway

Kannegieter event

Kannegieter knowledge & networking event

30 MAY 2024

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Datacloud Cannes 2024

Datacloud Global Congress

5/6 JUNE 2024

Cannes, France

Kannegieter event

Kannegieter Knowledge Day

6 JUNE 2024

Brussels, Belgium

DigitalX 2024


10/11 JUNE 2024

Brussels, Belgium

The AI Summit London 2024

The AI Summit London

12/13 JUNE 2024

London, UK

Platform Gl

Platform Global

10/12 SEPTEMBER 2024

Antibes, France