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High Power Busbar | Legrand United Kingdom

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Energize your network:
advanced busbar trunking for efficient energy distribution

The increasing demand for internet services and smart technology is rapidly driving the need for new high-power data centers and the expansion of existing data centers to handle this growth in data usage. The increase in energy needed to power this growth means that data center operators require reliable power distribution systems suitable for high currents and scalable enough to adapt to unique and changing layouts. The right solution should provide maximum performance, minimum loss, and flexibility to meet future needs.

Starline’s Xtra-compact (XCP) busbar is a busbar trunking system ideal for the transport and distribution of energy in data centers. The high-power busbar ranges from 630-6300 amps with a smart and ultra-compact design that delivers up to an IP65 degree of protection. The XCP product line offers outstanding safety, performance, and flexibility for the most demanding critical power applications.

Approved methodology

Approved methodology

Over 50km of high-power busbars installed yearly—our expertise ensures top-notch solutions with meticulous documentation for project success. Count on our 4-step approach for anticipation, precision, and quality in all circumstances.



Tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61439-1 & 6, the XCP product line is designed to provide the highest safety levels from all aspects of design and installation. 


The XCP busbar provides reliability and cost-saving through its innovative design. A unique design using high-end materials and superior insulation technology, provide industry-leading ambient temperature ratings, low electrical losses, and negligible electromagnetic emissions, resulting in XCP’s world-class performance.



The product is Xtra-compact, efficient, and easy to install, with features and accessories that make planning and designing your critical infrastructure project easy. With XCP, the design and installation of the power distribution system becomes simple and fast. 

We understand the complexity of Busbar projects; discuss yours with us.


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