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In the journey to modernize its data center infrastructure, TF1 partnered with Legrand, a trusted partner in equipping and upgrading its computer rooms. David Sarfati, Systems Service Owner in the Cloud Infrastructures and Engineering Division of the TF1 Group, reflects on the successful completion of this pivotal and sustainable data center infrastructure transformation project




TF1's Tech Division revamped computer rooms, consolidating AV and IT with denser tech, embracing virtualization and the cloud. Shifting from 800-mm racks, reducing cables, aligning with TF1 Group’s 30% electricity reduction goal by 2030.



Minkels Corridor

The solution

Legrand provided critical support in selecting and equipping the racks. They offered guidance during the pre-sale phase and during installation with integration plans and ensured that tailor-made racks were designed to accommodate David Sarfati, Systems Service Owner, Technology Department the building’s unique constraints, including low ceilings, false floors, and cold aisles for efficient air conditioning. The careful separation and isolation of fluids, high-voltage and hydraulic lines under the floor, and low-voltage lines in the ceiling enabled the installation of a reliable double-induction cooling system.

Minkels rack

Minkels racks

“We chose white Minkels racks so that they would be bright, to optimize the lighting, and for their warmth. The 42U racks satisfy our height constraints, and they provide two cable trays: one for copper cables, because we still have some, as well as network and video cables and the other for single-mode fiber. Legrand also helped integrate the In Row racks and the sealing adjustments for the cold aisle air conditioning.”

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