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Secure Rack Access

Data centers take security very seriously, with high-security procedures to enter the facility. However, securing access to data and equipment continues beyond the walls of a data center or server room. With reports that 60% of the attacks on a data center are being made from the inside, security at the cabinet level is becoming increasingly important.

The level of cabinet security required within a data center will differ depending on the deployment type e.g., commercial data centers, government organizations, financial institutions, and other organizations. Different applications will also be required to comply to different regulations, such as PCI DSS, SOX, SSAE, HIPAA, GDPR, EN50600, and ISO/IEC 22237. With this in mind, we have a wide variety of security products available to meet your specific cabinet needs.


SmartLock™ system

A wide variety of electronic handles are available to choose from that provide controlled and audited access to the cabinets, which integrate with our Raritan PDUs or Smart Rack Controler or Server Technology PDUs. The devices support multiple security protocols.

Combination lock swivel handle 

Combination lock swivel handle 

The new combination lock combines all the features of the standard Nexpand swivel handle with an extra layer of security.

The combination lock allows you to assign different codes to each cabinet in your data center and share them with the people you want to give specific cabinet access to; this is a valuable feature for multi-tenant data centers. 

The handle also features a keylock that serves as an override for the facility manager to open cabinets in an emergency. 

Standard swivel

Standard swivel handle

Our premium-designed standard swivel handle provides a key-locking system for your cabinet's front and back doors. You can also easily add your own locks once you receive your cabinet.

The innovative handle design features a spring-loaded mechanism to give you feedback and make it clear when the handle reaches its locked position.

In need of logged and audited access? Contact us to see what best suits your needs