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Zucchini High Efficiency Cast Resin Transformers | Legrand United Kingdom

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Zucchini High Efficiency Cast Resin Transformers

Driven by strong sustainability goals, the data center industry is at the forefront of exploring efficient technologies for distributing energy and reducing transformer losses. At Legrand, we continuously develop the most efficient technologies by prioritizing the eco-design concept. We are committed to contributing to sustainable technological development, and High-Efficiency Green T.HE Transformers fulfil the requirements of the EN 50708-1 2020 standard and EU548 Tier2. Our wide portfolio of high-quality, environmentally friendly cast resin transformers range from 50kVA up to 20MVA.


Zucchini Green T.HE transformers

The EN 50708-1 2020 Standard requires that distribution transformers are built sustainable while still being highly efficient

Eco friendly

Eco friendly

Fully comply with the new eco-compatible design rules and guarantee a significant reduction in energy consumption, thus promoting significant economic savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Certified quality

Individually inspected and have passed the acceptance and when necessary, type tests, if required at the time of order, in accordance with IEC EN 17025 standards.

Reduced no-load and load losses

Peak efficiency

Reach higher efficiency levels by reducing losses under load and no-load conditions thanks to innovative materials and improved design.

Improved safety

Enhanced standards

Classified E3-C2-F1, offer unparalleled performance even in harshest conditions with effortless adaptability. (IEC 60076-11)

Higher life expectancy

Higher life expectancy

The partial discharge value of Green T.HE is always below 5 pC, significantly better than required by the standard. The lower level of partial discharge leads to a higher resistance to work stresses and, consequently, to a higher life expectancy of the transformer.

Higher performance in compact dimensions

The Green T.HE series guarantees  high performance with low weights and  compact dimensions. They can be adapted to the constraints of any installation thanks to the completely new magnetic core with newly developed and high-performance materials.

Additional Features

Distinctive Design

The HV windings are all made in BIL LIST 2, thanks to the reinforced insulation in the critical points of the unit.

PEP Certification

PEP Certified Cast Resin Transformer, setting the industry standard for exceptional performance and environmental sustainability.

Extensive Range

Unleash versatility: 11kV HV/400LV ratings customizable up to 20MVA. Insulation class up to 36kV.

High Short Circuit

Unmatched high short circuit capability, ensuring resilient performance.

Easy Installation

Simplified installation with modified HV&LV terminals ensuring effortless connections for streamlined handling.

Advanced Magnetic Core

Cutting-edge magnetic core featuring grain-oriented magnetic sheet with enhanced crystallographic consistency.

Easy to Dispose and Recycling

Designed for environmental consciousness. Easy disposal, and recycling, ensuring sustainable power solutions.

E4 Environmental Classification

On request, Legrand is also able to supply transformers with E4 environmental classification for heavy pollution.

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Green T.HE Transformer Brochure
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