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CL20 ProActiveRDC | Legrand United Kingdom


ProActive Rear Door Cooler

CL20 ProActive Rear Door Cooler

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers are highly efficient cooling systems for use on data center/server cabinets. Designed to operate on a closed loop water circuit, ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance by removing heat generated by the active equipment directly at source

This single source solution replaces the traditional approach to data center cooling and permits load removal of over 90kW per cabinet, therefore has the capability to withstand low medium and the higher density demands experienced today.

The ColdLogik solution means that hot/cold aisles are no longer necessary therefore allowing customers to capitalise on the use of actual real estate within the data hall, permitting alternate room layout and enhanced scalability possibilities.


CL20 Rear Door Cooler Technical Specifications

Maximum Duty

Maximum Duty

Our highest duties based on 14°C water inlet – to avoid condensation – and wide ∆T to deliver reasonable DC temperatures. This deployment would require the use of mechanically cooled external plant but has the ability to offer exceptional cooling capacities per cabinet.

Nominal Duty

Nominal Duty

This is a more general, workable duty with 18°C water inlet and covers most requirements in Europe while also maintaining an acceptable room temperature of 24°C. Operating with wide water ∆T also allows for lower power draw of the mechanically cooled external plant, reducing CapEx and OpEx costs while delivering leading cooling capacities per cabinet.

Efficient Duty

Efficient Duty

Taking advantage of the higher allowable room temperatures in a DC of 27°C/80.6°F allows the use of higher water temperatures, therefore reducing the infrastructure required for mechanical cooling, and allows for most or all-day free cooling. This will provide customers with higher efficiency cooling and lower running costs thus beginning to obtain a return on their investment while maximising real estate.

Cooling capacity data is shown for illustration purposes. USystems work alongside their customers who largely have unique challenges and ambitions. The nature of our technology, capabilities and approach is emulated in the delivery of efficient designs and solutions across the globe.

Reach out to us for a discussion on your cooling challenges.


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