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CSR | Legrand United Kingdom

Committed for a more sustainable world

It is our responsibility to provide concrete answers to the major societal challenges of our time. This means raising awareness in our own teams but also among our partners and customers, to collectively act for a low-carbon society. Legrand is committed today to intensify its actions in favour of an increasingly responsible development of its activities.

Road map 2022-2024

Legrand's CSR Road map

Legrand launches short-term CSR roadmaps that enable it to meet its medium and long-term objectives resulting in operational action plans with the Group's CSR ambition. The latest one has been published in March 2022, this roadmap is for the period 2022-2024. In it, the 15 priorities that the Group has set for that period are detailed, along with clear objectives and key performance indicators to be achieved.


Recognition of Legrand's performance

Legrand's non-financial results are presented annually. It shows the Group's main CSR achievements and progress. This non-financial performance is recognized and rewarded by international ESG indices and ratings.

Legrand has 4 main areas of action to improve lives

Legrand makes its CSR commitments based on four main areas, generating significant challenges for both the Group and its stakeholders :

Legrand Sustainable Development Goals

Legrand's CSR engagements actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for a more sustainable and better future.

Medium and long-term commitments

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR - Carbon footprint

CSR - Carbon footprint

CSR - Circular economy

CSR - Circular economy

Supporting our partners, customers and the environment


Legrand is a specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures and every day seeks to improve the lives of people. To achieve this, Legrand is committed to responsible growth

Its four pillars are promoting diversity and inclusion, reducing its carbon footprint, developing the circular economy and being a responsible business. It has medium and long-term objectives that generate achievable ambitions. 

Legrand's commitments are developed internally within the work teams but also involve service providers and customers. Generating a major impact