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Telehouse, a leading European provider of colocation data centers, embarked on a substantial project to establish a state-of-the-art data center in the heart of Paris. With a commitment to performance, reliability, and security, Telehouse faced formidable hurdles such as factory shutdowns, material shortages, and tight deadlines, all amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis. Enter Legrand Group, a trusted partner for over a decade, who rose to the challenge.




Telehouse encountered unique challenges during the deployment of the large-scale Léon Trot project. Faced with specific customer requirements, design constraints, and a tight deadline, all set against the backdrop of a global health crisis. In this collaboration with Legrand Data Center Solutions, they adeptly overcame these obstacles, not only meeting the stringent demands but also adding a touch of innovation and resilience, ultimately ensuring the triumphant deployment of this state-of-the-art data center.

Minkels Corridor

The solution

Telehouse chose Legrand Data Center Solutions as their strategic partner for this project following a rigorous evaluation process. Their decision was made based on stringent criteria, including Legrand’s technical expertise, financial viability, commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and logistical capabilities. Guided by Legrand’s support, they opted for Minkels racks, Legrand’s PDUs and a range of security systems. This selection aligned with Telehouse’s exacting standards.

Minkels rack

Minkels racks

Minkels racks were an obvious choice for Telehouse, as they are perfectly suited to colocation, and are configurable, meeting the needs of their facility that encountered design constraints. 

“We specifically opted for Minkels racks, as we were looking for heavy-duty racks that were infinitely configurable according to customer profiles. For example, 52U racks, which can be split into quarter-or half-racks. The compartments are also very secure with dedicated cabling compartments.

In the end, we came up with the solutions we needed and there was no delay. This project was such a success that our relationship is now even stronger.

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