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Technosector & MIND Park

MIND Park, a sprawling integrated production, technology, and logistics hub in Central Serbia, faced a monumental challenge in establishing resilient IT infrastructure and an on-site data center to support its ambitious development. Teaming up with Technosector, a key partner for MIND Park, Legrand Data Center Solutions provided the technological backbone for its project. With the support of Technosector and Legrand, MIND Park overcame challenges to build a cutting-edge data center, essential for its ambitious project.


Technosector & MIND Park


During its complex engineering and logistics effort, MIND Park faced a major obstacle: the need for a strong IT infrastructure and advanced data center. To address this, MIND Park partnered with Technosector, leveraging their expertise. With assistance from Legrand Data Center Solutions, this partnership was strengthened, securing MIND Park's tech growth and enabling future expansion. The dedicated data center became the project's linchpin, driving progress and innovation.


MIND Park and Technosector

The solution

Legrand Data Center Solutions, recommended by partner Technosector, played a pivotal role in establishing a robust IT infrastructure. Legrand's technology, including Minkels racks, Archimod UPS systems, and modular cooling solutions, enabled a scalable, "pay as you grow" data center. Technosector's successful implementation and Legrand's comprehensive offerings solidified their collaboration, ensuring MIND Park's technological prowess and future expansion.

Nexpand Corridor

Nexpand Aisle Containment

To keep up with the increasing needs of the businesses drawn to the site, Technosector and MIND Park quickly recognized the need for a modular solution. Technosector brought MIND Park's team to the Legrand factory in Holland, were the decsision to go with Minkels-based solution was made.

"We had to organise not just the contract offer but, let's say, a comlplete roadshow for the investor. We went to the factory in Holland, so that they could see the quality of the proposed solution. That was an important part of the process."

Legrand is not only a sales company, but they are a company involved in developing new ideas and new solutions. And they cover the complete data infrastructure field, from the socket right up to the UPS system – everything you need.

Technosector & MIND Park
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Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Centers Solutions

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